So, your businessĀ is about to undergo a seismic change.

The tides are shifting, the tables have been turned and you’re about to come full circle. Now’s the time to mentally prepare for the future – so that you’re not overwhelmed with your changing circumstances.


We spend a large portion of our lives establishing daily routines, a huge set of (seemingly insignificant) rituals that ground our mental states and gives us the confidence and stability that we need in order to function effectively. What happens then, when we are forced to adjust, or even eradicate, a whole swathe of these routines in order to clear the path for a new way of life?

Let’s say your business is upping sticks and moving – it’s daunting. You’ve had to move cities, find a new home and source new friends. On top of this, you’ve got to find a way of keeping your business in the black. All these things combined can feel like a huge weight on your shoulders – problems that, so far as you can see, don’t have a solution.

Before you reconsider your life choices and back down from the fight – consider these quick and easy solutions to the immediate problems that your business might face, in the wake of your move.

Engage Local University/College Campuses

marketing-studentsRegardless of what your business is selling, there are thousands of students in each town and city just waiting to spend their hard earned cash on your product. Young people tend to be looser with their money and are innately impulsive in their spending.

If you engage teenagers and young adults with the right kind of marketing, you can tap a pool of consumers who will pass on your name through word of mouth and even do you the favour of introducing you to the younger generations who come to replace them.

Posters and stickers probably won’t do the trick here, so it’s best to employ a company like Campus Solutions Inc. to engage the student populace for you. Companies like these specialise in speaking directly to the students with focused marketing events and activities that will get your brand all the promotion it will ever need.

Go Back To Basics With Flyer Marketing

flyeringSometimes it can be hard to see the solution to a problem, even when it’s right in front of your eyes.

If you need to drum up interest in your business and you want to get your brand into the faces of your new neighbours – then there’s nothing better than a targeted flyer campaign. Either mock up and print the designs yourself or outsource the task to a helpful designer on Fiverr – then employ a few of those students that you’ve recently wooed and get them out on the streets.

It doesn’t matter that a large proportion of your flyers will end up in bins a few metres away from where they were picked up – throw enough them out into the world and you’ll soon start reaping the dividends. Just make sure to get the design right and put your distributors in the right area to fully maximise your efforts.

Get Socialising

meetingYou needed to make friends anyway, right? Now that you’ve safely settled into your new home, it’s time to get out and meet some people.

Run with whatever hobbies and passions you have, hit the internet to discover social groups that align with your interests and go out and meet them! By simply introducing yourself, and forging connections with local people, you can raise the profile of your business and even make some valuable business contacts in the process.

Making friends is a two-way street – don’t think that by simply barging into someone’s life you can guarantee their custom. Try giving something back to the community to curry favour with the local people, they’ll be much more receptive to you that way – and you’ll suddenly find yourself at the centre of a new community that are more than willing to embrace your business!