A well-timed break could be just thing to get you thinking positively.

We’ve all been there before. Work’s frantic, maybe you’re moving house and you’ve currently halfway through an online based spat with your spouse.

unhappyYou have one bad day, go to sleep angry and try and wake up fresh the next day – a new beginning. But, somehow, luck’s just not on your side. A few mistakes made at work leads to you snapping at your kids when you get back and burning the dinner. Two bad days, these things happen. On the third night, when you go to sleep on the sofa (because that online spat somehow broke into the real world) and you’re sporting a broken toe from stubbing it earlier – you know something’s gone seriously wrong.

One bad day can easily roll into two or three – but be mindful that the days don’t drift into weeks or months. Bad things might happen to good people, but if you’re stuck in a negative mental attitude, you run the risk of viewing your whole life through  a particularly  dour Snapchat filter.

If you’re trapped in an endless cycle of miserably days – you might need to take a break.

Now, before you begin to berate me about your personal situation and how you have no time or money, let me explain.

In an ideal world we’d all be able to afford to leave the country for a 6 weeks a year and travel off to a foreign exotic land, where we can treat ourselves and return refreshed to work. But this is, unfortunately, the real world. This means that we are all restricted by the cost of travelling and the time that we can leave for. Instead of yearning after that blissful fortnight-long Caribbean vacation that you’ve got no hope of affording – plan your breaks realistically, so you can relax without breaking the bank.


Don’t go onto Sky Scanner and gaze wistfully at flights you can’t afford. Take a look at the affordable options first. Domestic flights can take you far for a smaller cost, but if you fancy leaving the country, look at booking mid-week for the cheapest flights. Book smart and you could snap up a deal like I did over last Christmas. Return flights to Milan, with parking at Glasgow Airport, included all came together for less than a hundred pounds.

Alternatively, if you’re budget is even smaller, why not consider a day or even a half-day break.

book-and-coffeeIf there’s no way you can escape your town/city for a day, then make the most of the little time you have off and treat yourself to a big day out. A visit to your favourite restaurant, a little retail therapy and a drink or two at the end of the day could be just the thing to get out of the rut you’re in.

Ultimately, a holiday can be as small and as inexpensive as sitting in a coffee shop for an hour with a good book.

An hour in the afternoon or evening, spent in a quiet corner of the world with a book and a good tasting drink can sometimes be just the thing to push the ‘Reset’ button on your life and get you back on the road to happiness.