Taking life for granted is a by-product of ageing.

In today’s 21st Century world of Sharing, Retweeting and Liking – you may feel that what you have to contribute to the online sphere is somehow not worth posting.

facebook-addictLike many of the new behavioural patterns that people have fallen into; posting an upbeat status update or inspirational photo is now second nature to Millennials, and even those a few generations older.  For the millions of users of Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter who are comfortable with keeping the world updated on their ins and outs – the mental process between experiencing a positive event and sharing it online are completely synchronised.

Whether it’s a new job, an achievement or a holiday – mobile technology and super-smooth application have made it worryingly easy to capture, edit and post content. But, how often do you ever see someone posting a photo of a failed action? Do you think the friend who posts air-brushed hot dog leg holiday snaps will also let their followers know that they’ve recently lost their job?

Over exposure to Social Media can lead to you having a skewed mental perspective of how other people are leading their lives. Every single notification celebrating a new relationship landmark or career milestone might well make another person’s life seem ‘better’ or ‘happier’ than yours – but always remember that you’re never being shown the full picture.

Before you allow yourself to take a ride down a depressing helter skelter of self-loathing and doubt – stop what you’re doing and think about what you have.


As long as you’re not reading this within the confines of a prison cell or over someone’s shoulder on the bus, there’s a good chance you’re already living a pretty great life.

Don’t allow the over-sharers of the internet to ruin your day, week or month. Forget about Lauren’s new baby, Jack’s 5 year anniversary or Tessa’s high-paying London wage and first consider the things in your life that keep you alive.

Hot food, clean drinking water and personal security are often things that we take for granted. For many in the world, these are things that are not guaranteed and, for some, might look like an impossible dream. If you have these things in place, then you’re already living a better life than 50% of the world. Congratulations! By living in the developed world, you’ve lucked out and jumped the gun. If life was a race (which it isn’t) you’d be ahead of the pack and hot on the heels of the big dogs.


Of course, simply being better off than 3 billion people you’ve never met might not necessarily make you  a happier person. These feelings are relative and it can be difficult to ‘big up’ your life by simply pitying others less fortunate. If you’re still struggling to tear yourself away from the brilliance of other peoples’ lives and can’t help but feel that your life doesn’t much: disconnect.

Delete the apps and unplug yourself from the social network. People have existed for centuries without them, you don’t need them.

If they’re the source of your unhappiness then remove them from your life and live your life free from the constant clamouring of desperate individuals.