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How To Introduce Your Business To A New City

So, your business is about to undergo a seismic change.

The tides are shifting, the tables have been turned and you’re about to come full circle. Now’s the time to mentally prepare for the future – so that you’re not overwhelmed with your changing circumstances.


We spend a large portion of our lives establishing daily routines, a huge set of (seemingly insignificant) rituals that ground our mental states and gives us the confidence and stability that we need in order to function effectively. What happens then, when we are forced to adjust, or even eradicate, a whole swathe of these routines in order to clear the path for a new way of life?

Let’s say your business is upping sticks and moving – it’s daunting. You’ve had to move cities, find a new home and source new friends. On top of this, you’ve got to find a way of keeping your business in the black. All these things combined can feel like a huge weight on your shoulders – problems that, so far as you can see, don’t have a solution.

Before you reconsider your life choices and back down from the fight – consider these quick and easy solutions to the immediate problems that your business might face, in the wake of your move.

Engage Local University/College Campuses

marketing-studentsRegardless of what your business is selling, there are thousands of students in each town and city just waiting to spend their hard earned cash on your product. Young people tend to be looser with their money and are innately impulsive in their spending.

If you engage teenagers and young adults with the right kind of marketing, you can tap a pool of consumers who will pass on your name through word of mouth and even do you the favour of introducing you to the younger generations who come to replace them.

Posters and stickers probably won’t do the trick here, so it’s best to employ a company like Campus Solutions Inc. to engage the student populace for you. Companies like these specialise in speaking directly to the students with focused marketing events and activities that will get your brand all the promotion it will ever need.

Go Back To Basics With Flyer Marketing

flyeringSometimes it can be hard to see the solution to a problem, even when it’s right in front of your eyes.

If you need to drum up interest in your business and you want to get your brand into the faces of your new neighbours – then there’s nothing better than a targeted flyer campaign. Either mock up and print the designs yourself or outsource the task to a helpful designer on Fiverr – then employ a few of those students that you’ve recently wooed and get them out on the streets.

It doesn’t matter that a large proportion of your flyers will end up in bins a few metres away from where they were picked up – throw enough them out into the world and you’ll soon start reaping the dividends. Just make sure to get the design right and put your distributors in the right area to fully maximise your efforts.

Get Socialising

meetingYou needed to make friends anyway, right? Now that you’ve safely settled into your new home, it’s time to get out and meet some people.

Run with whatever hobbies and passions you have, hit the internet to discover social groups that align with your interests and go out and meet them! By simply introducing yourself, and forging connections with local people, you can raise the profile of your business and even make some valuable business contacts in the process.

Making friends is a two-way street – don’t think that by simply barging into someone’s life you can guarantee their custom. Try giving something back to the community to curry favour with the local people, they’ll be much more receptive to you that way – and you’ll suddenly find yourself at the centre of a new community that are more than willing to embrace your business!

Big Day? No Problem.

So you’ve got a huge load of work on, more than you’ve ever faced before, now’s the time to utilise some Positive Mental Techniques…

Before you panic and put your head in a spin over how you’re going to deal with your big workload – take a breath and read these tips on how to deal with these challenges head on:

Deconstruct Your Problems

If you take a look at your work from a distance then it’s always going to look like an impossible task.

Before you suffer a complete mental breakdown – simply break down each task that you need to complete into little pieces. Write a list, colour code it if you like, then simply work through it systematically.

Tackle The Challenge Directly

Whatever you do, if you’re faced with a heap of novel scenarios that seem daunting, don’t beat around the bush.

Procrastinating will get you nowhere and will only increase the pressure on you at the end of the day. Approach your list of tasks proactively and methodically – if you hit a brick wall, don’t be disheartened – simply set one task aside and move on to the next one.

Keep Your Head In The Game

It can be all too easy to be overwhelmed by a host of new tasks, but don’t let it get to you.

A positive mental attitude is all you need to defeat any mental blockages – don’t let negative vibes harsh your buzz. Stay absolutely on point and you’ll find that your workload will swiftly disappear – distraction will only lead you to the dark corners of the internet and endless snacking.

Focus On The Positives

With each task and new challenge completed, take a moment to revel in your accomplishment.

By focusing on your achievements you can take heart and head into your next challenge with a renewed sense of purpose. It can be all too easy to dismiss completed tasks as just ‘another job down’ – try and celebrate even the most mundane of tasks – progress is progress and  you should be proud of yourself.

Take Pride

You’ve done it!

The work has been smashed, you’ve triumphed over adversity. You may have faced hard challenges, but you’ve come out of it the other side a stronger, better person. Look back on the work you’ve done and take pride in your achievements.

Before you start your next big day – you can look back on this as a shining example of how to boss life.

The Crushing Reality of Retail Work

Accomplishing goals (no matter how small) is the secret to happiness.

Scientific research has suggested that happier people set themselves both long term and short term goals. The continued completion of short term goals keeps the individual sated with a steady supply of dopamine, whilst the long term goals can be worked on over a longer period of time for a bigger accomplishment payoff. 

retail-workerIt’s been proven that dissatisfaction in the work place is commonly strongly associated with a lack of goal setting. Low to minimum wage employees are most at risk of suffering from occupational ennui, as a result from performing repetitive actions and having little promotion opportunities.

Imagine working in a retail job, where the same task was asked of your 5 days a week, for 40 hours. Where you never see your Manager and are never given any feedback for the work that you perform. This is the reality for the nearly 3 million British people who work in the Retail Industry, the largest private sector employer.

Is there a way to live a positive life, if you’re stuck in an undesirable retail job?

Of course there is! As with most things, it’s all a matter of perspective. Working in the retail industry can be a tough, thankless experience. The hours can often be awkward, bordering on impossible – the pay is low and the career ladder can feel more like a slippery slope to an early death through drinking. So what can you do to keep yourself motivated and feeling good, whilst your stuck in the unfortunate position of serving customers for a living?

Get Up Early


Getting an early start to the day is clinically proven to increase mood and happiness. Instead of waking up half an hour before you need to leave the house for your afternoon shift – wake up early. You might not be able to always get an early night, due to your difficult hours, but you can get yourself up early if you really want to. Rising at 7am every day gives you a whole day to function, regardless of the hours you’re working. This gives you time to prepare good food to power you through, as well as a few extra hours to pursue goals outside of work…

Keep Looking Elsewhere


Although it’s not healthy to find your life constantly dissatisfying, if you’re not in a good position professionally – you should be working as hard as you can outside of work hours to change that. This can be as little as researching job positions during your lunch break or as big as contacting companies in your favoured industry and offering your part-time services free of charge. You have over 100 hours of free time at your disposal in your average week (where you sleep and work for 8 hours a piece, a day), don’t waste them bingeing on Netflix and drinking booze!



One of the most difficult things to organise whilst working a shift-job is socialising. If you have friends who work 9-5 jobs, you’ll find it impossible to drag them out of the house for a midweek session. Similarly, your fellow retail working comrades will each have their own conflicting schedules making organising even the most casual of get togethers an absolute nightmare. Still, you must persist! Plan ahead and utilise group chats to rally the troops. Don’t panic about missing friends out on social occasions, you’ll get a chance to see them soon enough – the most important thing is that you take time out to have fun.

Stay Clean


Just because you’re feeling down in the dumps and your work’s keeping you busy, doesn’t mean you can let your life go to pot. Brutal hours may well throw you into a state of confusion with no set schedule, but there’s no excuse to let your standards slip. Regardless of how small your apartment might be, it’s always going to feel smaller when it’s covered in trash. By keeping your living spaces clean and tidy you can relax in your home, when you have the opportunity, and get some better rest. This goes the same for your kitchen as well – don’t fall into squalor. If your floor’s filthy – mop it. If you’re oven’s caked in grime, call OvenU and get them to clean it!

Get A Hobby


Drinking doesn’t count, regardless of how passionate you might be about craft beer. Dating doesn’t count, engaging in the hollow pursuit of physical contact will not make you feel good about yourself. Lastly, watching Netflix definitely doesn’t count as a hobby. It doesn’t matter how many people have told you to watch Stranger Things or how tired you are – television is a passive activity that has no hand in your personal development. As tired as you might be, you need to continue to pursue a skill, hobby or education in your spare time, in order to progress and develop as a person.

Working a retail job can be the hardest, most depressing, occupation for anyone. Don’t let the hours get the better of you. Wake up, plan ahead and never stop growing.

4 Massively Successful People Who Got Going Late

So you’ve hit 23 – you’ve been watching the match and you’ve just seen Raheem Sterling bang in a goal from 30 yards out of the penalty area.

A sublime goal from the 21-year old hits you with the realisation that you’re not going to be a professional sportsman. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ve missed out on your chance of global fame and worldwide recognition.

Take those negative feelings of insecurity and doubt and bury them deep down. You’re never too old to take a crack at something new and just because you’re a few steps behind the pack doesn’t mean that you’ll never be able to catch up. Hard work, determination and a positive mindset are the three ingredients that will help you push through your quarter or mid-life crisis and have you keeping your dreams (no matter how unrealistic) alive for years to come.

Here’s 4 famous faces that rock their respective industries, but had a late break:

Jon Hamm

jon-hamm-008Although everyone’s favourite Mad Man started his acting career nearly 20 years ago, playing a bit role in an episode of Ally McBeal, it took him another 10 years to hit the big time with his role as Don Draper in the hit AMC series. Half way through his 30s, Hamm found his big break late but has plenty of time to roll with his star power.


“We’re flawed, because we want so much more. We’re ruined, because we get these things, and wish for what we had.”

Sixto Rodriguez

rodriguez-18The subject of a 2012 Oscar Winning documentary, Rodriguez found a certain kind of fame during the 70s with two albums recorded within a couple of years. However, his fame was most felt in South Africa and he failed to gain celebrity in the US. It took 40 years for a couple of documentary makers to finish their movie on their search for their music idol for Rodriguez to finally step back into the spotlight at the age of 70.

“That late success has happened is OK. I’m grounded. I use my seniority to my advantage. That’s helped me out. Who’d have thought? So, yeah. I’m a lucky guy.”

Toni Morrison

morrisonA Pulitzer Prize Winning author and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, at the age of 40 Toni Morrison was an unpublished struggling writer and mother of one. Her hard graft and perseverance paid off when her first novel was published in 1970,  17 years later she finished Beloved and won the Pulitzer Prize.


“If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

Ang Lee

ang-leBefore winning  a spate of awards in 00s, Ang Lee was down on his luck movie director who was struggling to get a break. In fact, he didn’t get the opportunity to direct a major motion picture until he was at the grand age of 38. Since then he’s made good use of his time, with his movies garnering 38 Academy Award Nominations  and winning 12.

“Sometimes, you have to get angry to get things done.”

Change Your Scenery

A well-timed break could be just thing to get you thinking positively.

We’ve all been there before. Work’s frantic, maybe you’re moving house and you’ve currently halfway through an online based spat with your spouse.

unhappyYou have one bad day, go to sleep angry and try and wake up fresh the next day – a new beginning. But, somehow, luck’s just not on your side. A few mistakes made at work leads to you snapping at your kids when you get back and burning the dinner. Two bad days, these things happen. On the third night, when you go to sleep on the sofa (because that online spat somehow broke into the real world) and you’re sporting a broken toe from stubbing it earlier – you know something’s gone seriously wrong.

One bad day can easily roll into two or three – but be mindful that the days don’t drift into weeks or months. Bad things might happen to good people, but if you’re stuck in a negative mental attitude, you run the risk of viewing your whole life through  a particularly  dour Snapchat filter.

If you’re trapped in an endless cycle of miserably days – you might need to take a break.

Now, before you begin to berate me about your personal situation and how you have no time or money, let me explain.

In an ideal world we’d all be able to afford to leave the country for a 6 weeks a year and travel off to a foreign exotic land, where we can treat ourselves and return refreshed to work. But this is, unfortunately, the real world. This means that we are all restricted by the cost of travelling and the time that we can leave for. Instead of yearning after that blissful fortnight-long Caribbean vacation that you’ve got no hope of affording – plan your breaks realistically, so you can relax without breaking the bank.


Don’t go onto Sky Scanner and gaze wistfully at flights you can’t afford. Take a look at the affordable options first. Domestic flights can take you far for a smaller cost, but if you fancy leaving the country, look at booking mid-week for the cheapest flights. Book smart and you could snap up a deal like I did over last Christmas. Return flights to Milan, with parking at Glasgow Airport, included all came together for less than a hundred pounds.

Alternatively, if you’re budget is even smaller, why not consider a day or even a half-day break.

book-and-coffeeIf there’s no way you can escape your town/city for a day, then make the most of the little time you have off and treat yourself to a big day out. A visit to your favourite restaurant, a little retail therapy and a drink or two at the end of the day could be just the thing to get out of the rut you’re in.

Ultimately, a holiday can be as small and as inexpensive as sitting in a coffee shop for an hour with a good book.

An hour in the afternoon or evening, spent in a quiet corner of the world with a book and a good tasting drink can sometimes be just the thing to push the ‘Reset’ button on your life and get you back on the road to happiness.

Appreciate What You Have

Taking life for granted is a by-product of ageing.

In today’s 21st Century world of Sharing, Retweeting and Liking – you may feel that what you have to contribute to the online sphere is somehow not worth posting.

facebook-addictLike many of the new behavioural patterns that people have fallen into; posting an upbeat status update or inspirational photo is now second nature to Millennials, and even those a few generations older.  For the millions of users of Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter who are comfortable with keeping the world updated on their ins and outs – the mental process between experiencing a positive event and sharing it online are completely synchronised.

Whether it’s a new job, an achievement or a holiday – mobile technology and super-smooth application have made it worryingly easy to capture, edit and post content. But, how often do you ever see someone posting a photo of a failed action? Do you think the friend who posts air-brushed hot dog leg holiday snaps will also let their followers know that they’ve recently lost their job?

Over exposure to Social Media can lead to you having a skewed mental perspective of how other people are leading their lives. Every single notification celebrating a new relationship landmark or career milestone might well make another person’s life seem ‘better’ or ‘happier’ than yours – but always remember that you’re never being shown the full picture.

Before you allow yourself to take a ride down a depressing helter skelter of self-loathing and doubt – stop what you’re doing and think about what you have.


As long as you’re not reading this within the confines of a prison cell or over someone’s shoulder on the bus, there’s a good chance you’re already living a pretty great life.

Don’t allow the over-sharers of the internet to ruin your day, week or month. Forget about Lauren’s new baby, Jack’s 5 year anniversary or Tessa’s high-paying London wage and first consider the things in your life that keep you alive.

Hot food, clean drinking water and personal security are often things that we take for granted. For many in the world, these are things that are not guaranteed and, for some, might look like an impossible dream. If you have these things in place, then you’re already living a better life than 50% of the world. Congratulations! By living in the developed world, you’ve lucked out and jumped the gun. If life was a race (which it isn’t) you’d be ahead of the pack and hot on the heels of the big dogs.


Of course, simply being better off than 3 billion people you’ve never met might not necessarily make you  a happier person. These feelings are relative and it can be difficult to ‘big up’ your life by simply pitying others less fortunate. If you’re still struggling to tear yourself away from the brilliance of other peoples’ lives and can’t help but feel that your life doesn’t much: disconnect.

Delete the apps and unplug yourself from the social network. People have existed for centuries without them, you don’t need them.

If they’re the source of your unhappiness then remove them from your life and live your life free from the constant clamouring of desperate individuals.

Good Vibrations

Upbeat Tunes + Tapping Feet = Happiness

Music is a foolproof shortcut to good feelings, don’t discount it’s power!

  • Many people aren’t aware that the music they listen to is depressing. Listen to sad music and you’re going to end up feeling sad. 
  • If you’re listening to the same music over and over again, you may find that your enjoyment of it deteriorates. Try listening to new music every week to remain stimulated.
  • Lost for inspiration? Ask a friend/colleague/stranger for a music recommendation, open your mind to trying out something new!

Pump up the volume and get dancing!






Music is food for the soul, if you’re still not feeling 100%, crank up the volume and have a dance – go ahead, no one’s watching you!

Happy Animals

Funny Animals + Good Vibes = Happiness

There’s a cure for the blues that has been creating smiles for over a decade now.

  • It’s called YouTube and, although there are as many videos that could make you cry as laugh, it has an unlimited source of good vibes that are guaranteed to lift your spirits.
  • Avoid watching anything about Current Affairs, Politics or Racial Tensions – just cut to the quick, and hit up Funny Animal videos until you’re right as rain again.
  • Click through on each of these videos and the robots of YouTube will suggest more for you to watch.

Here are just a few to get you started:

If you’ve found any particularly entertaining, then pass on the good feelings to a friend. Surprise one of your mates with a video message attachment let the good times roll!